Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas/and a Few Crafty Sewing Pics

Below is a blouse/tunic that I made one morning this week..I think it will go well with a jean jacket over it or a black t- shirt under it.  It is made from rayon and found materials on clearance at Walmart .
Above is the pattern I used and did the view pictured on the model. 
Below is the view from our sunroom taken this morning on Christmas Eve....see the tops of the trees glisten with ice and snow.
Merry Christmas!!!! Hope yours is full of blessings!!!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

An Exchange From Hungary

I received from Angela K this cute ornament as part of the "Little House" Exchange.  It is ornament #8 of 2012 series.  I love how she finished it into a mitten shape!!  

Friday, December 13, 2013

Exchanges, Exchanges, and More Exchanges

 Here are a whole bunch of exchanges that were made the past few months in need of finishing.
 Isnt this clever......from Notforgotten Farm.....covers 3 seasons.
 Two exchanges from Little House.......finished with the neatest (not shown) material from a quilting store near Madison.  They were a joy to make and quick too.
 This is an exchange I received from Lilly from all the way from Malasia.  It is called "Spells" from The Stitcherhood.
 Arent these two just darling.  I made the Joy one for a Christmas Exchange and the owl if a freebie I made for a Halloween exchange.

This little pretty is from Rosa and features antique tatting and beautiful bead work from a Christmas exchange.

Beginning My First Mirabilia

 At the Black Cat Stitchery in Zion, IL (my favorite cross stitch store) I purchased this neat moss green linen and this new "lap doodle" stretcher bar (comes in 3 sizes). See the pin that marks the middle.
 Here is the Mirabilia pattern.......it is so intricate that I need to use a magnifier to be able to read!
 This is what the finished piece will look like!
Here is my start on the new project.......I will keep you updated on my progress.